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New York Co-Ops Get Their “Teeth” Back: S-5105(C) Creates HSTPA Carveout for Co-Op’s

In June 2019, New York State passed a sweeping reform of landlord/tenant laws called the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (“HSTPA”).  The blanket reforms of the HSTPA, whether intentional or not, included New York Cooperative apartments since Co-Op apartments create a landlord/tenant relationship by virtue of the proprietary lease between the Cooperative Corporation (landlord) […]

Ripped from the Headlines: Holdover in the Hamptons

The stakes for residential leasing in New York State are high, ever since the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act was passed in 2019.  We have been highlighting the consequences when landlords fail to follow the law, and a recent court case regarding a rental in the Hamptons shows just what can go wrong for landlords when they don’t follow the law.  Now we […]